These are the very real and personal stories of first responders who have struggled with PTSD and the stigma that surrounds it. They have taken a brave step in sharing their experiences with others, in hopes of helping someone through the tunnel to the light.

Heather’s Story – Coming Soon

Heather’s courageous story is coming soon. 

Pattie’s Story – Coming Soon

Pattie is a former correctional officer diagnosed with PTSD and her courageous story is coming soon. 

Caitlin’s Story – Coming Soon

Caitlin is a current active member with the RCMP and her courageous story is coming soon. 

Dan’s Story – Coming Soon

Dan’s courageous story is coming soon.

Kelly’s Story

Kelly is a former Civilian Member with the RCMP and this is her story. My name is Kelly and in 2001, I had to re-invent my life because of a work injury that caused paralysis in my left arm. After a few years of rehab, I decided to go back to school and received a diploma for Business/Office skills. Literally, 3 days after completion I was told of a job with the RCMP. I was able to get an interview through some of the people I knew. I went through vigorous security screening and training.     My first day was April 03, 2003. I was now a TCE, Temporary Civilian Employee. My job, an  Intercept Monitor. I had no idea what I would be doing, just that I had to be proficient with computers, type at least 40 words a minute and be somewhat street smart? I absolutely, completely LOVED my job! T…


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