Angie Saltman

Angie has always enjoyed art and design. As a child, she devoted hours drawing images that emerged solely out of her imagination. At 18, Angie realized that computer systems are the way of the future and graduated from the Business Career College in Grande Prairie with a Computer Technician with Distinction Diploma. She also has her A+ and Network+ IT certifications. After spending several years in the computer industry, she moved on to pursue her passion for graphics, gaining valuable experience working at local sign and print shops. In 2010, Angie decided that web design...

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From a young age, Erin discovered her love of writing in school assignments such as short stories, creative writing, songwriting, poems and more. When she was in grade 9, she won an Edmonton Journal essay contest and as a result, when in Gr. 10, she experienced a once in a lifetime personal meet and greet with Pope John Paul II, along with her dad. Getting to know people is a pleasure for Erin. She found her niche in a high school work experience class, where she began employment as a Merle Norman Cosmetics Beauty Advisor. She quickly became studio manager and enjoyed the field so much she...

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Richard Hanbury

In 1992, Richard Hanbury just 19 at the time was an Arabic student at Durham University seeking to hone his language skills while enjoying some traveling. Hanbury and a schoolmate were traversing Yemen in a Jeep when a car pulled out from behind a petrol truck and sped toward them on a narrow bridge. The truck blocked Hanbury’s ability to swerve laterally out of harm’s way. He faced a split-second decision: either veer off the bridge or collide head-on with the car. “I figured we were dead either way,” Hanbury recalled. “Then in that split second I had an image of my dad wandering around...

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