David’s Story

David is a former Military Veteran and this is his story… On December 24th 2021 around the hours 1220 am I was alone, drunk and depressed and attempted to end my life. But I survived  I put my Glock 17 up against my jaw and said “fuck it!”  But before I squeezed the trigger I heard a voice. It kinda scared me at first but I trusted it and it said “Change the angle.”  I did what I was told, angled the barrel forward a touch, closed my eyes and squeezed the trigger. 💥 Bang!💥  I saw a flash behind my eyes and felt a hard impact on my forehead.  I...

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Erich’s Story

Erich is currently an active police officer with the RCMP and former Military Veteran this is his story… First off, I’d like to talk about the attached image that was created by my amazing wife. My hope is, that just by viewing this image, you have grasped the essence of what she has captured, and that being the raw emotions that come with living with PTSD, not just for the one carrying it within, but for the loved ones who see the pain and suffering on a daily basis. When I speak of PTSD, I am encompassing all that comes with it for me. The depression, anger, internal pain, constant...

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