Meet Jenn

Hi my name is Jen and together we will create a space for support, ease, and a moment to let your walls down, even if for just a moment. Our body’s nervous system holds on to what we do not let go, and with gentle guidance you can allow rest. Letting go of the weight on your shoulders, resting, and releasing your nervous system. From your mat, your bed, your couch, or whether you wish to move your body, just listen, or sleep, I hope to create a space for you to find comfort within yourself through training meant to bring ease using different forms of movement, breath, and mindfulness. –...

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Meet Melody

I’m honoured to be involved in the Heroes Project journey as a regular contributor to share information about holistic health practices that can help you and your loved ones improve your health and quality of life. Finding the appropriate tools and support can be confusing and overwhelming if you’re not aware of what’s available and how to create your own synergistic approach. My goal is to help you navigate all this. Learn about quality foods that are helpful in optimizing your health, reducing stress, balancing mood, energy, gut health, better sleep, and more. Learn stress reduction...

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