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David’s Story

David is a former Military Veteran and this is his story…

On December 24th 2021 around the hours 1220 am I was alone, drunk and depressed and attempted to end my life.

But I survived 

I put my Glock 17 up against my jaw and said “fuck it!” 

But before I squeezed the trigger I heard a voice. It kinda scared me at first but I trusted it and it said “Change the angle.” 

I did what I was told, angled the barrel forward a touch, closed my eyes and squeezed the trigger. 💥 Bang!💥 

I saw a flash behind my eyes and felt a hard impact on my forehead. 

I immediately regretted what I had done

I dropped the gun and I fell to the floor. I began to bleed out profusely. I knew I was in trouble. Luckily I noticed I had my cell in my left hand still and dialled 911. 

While spitting teeth out of my mouth I was talking to dispatch and managed to direct EMS to my home. 

The moral of this story is. I regret what I had done because I was wrong. People care about me. People love me. 

And people care about you too. People love you too and nobody wants to see you hurt yourself. 

I’m happy god gave me a second chance at life

If you are hurting inside and you’re thinking about killing yourself. “Don’t!!!” because I’m happy to be alive. I’m happy God gave me a second chance at life. 

Alcohol doesn’t solve the problem, it was probably the last drink that gave me the courage to squeeze the trigger. 

But for now?!! Im alive! And I plan to use this opportunity to do some good. I hope this story may help someone down the line. 

I could talk all day why it led me to this point. I hated the world, I hated myself but I don’t anymore. 

Faith in God, a strong moral compass and Integrity is how I will continue to live my life. Alcohol free and love in my heart. 

There’s a long path ahead with surgeries and therapy but I got this. And so do you!!

Don’t end up like me. You are loved trust me. Take care of your mental health!! 

Sergeant (Retired) 
David Ward

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