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Daily on Facebook, I post a live feed, where I play piano by ear. My goal is to play from the soul. My mission, though – is to make people feel joyous, and thus share their spark with others. That is so important to me! At the end of every live feed, I make a […]
Dr. Gabor Mate
First Responder Tribute
FireFighter – Gerald Richmond
FireFighter – Ward Redwood
FireFighter – Jason Patton
FireFighter – Ray Norton
Paramedic – Anthony Guerne
Police Officer – Ed Pila
911 Dispatcher – Craig Tinneny
Paramedic – Ian Stoddart
Paramedic – Asley Neubauer
Michelle Monzo
Police Officer – Joe Peterson
Police Officer – Ron Griffith
Detective – Rob Davis
Chief of Police – Jean-Michel Blais
Beyond The Call
The Call
K9 Officer Darren Fox
Police Officer – Brian Barry
Police Officer – Kevin Johnson
911 Operator / Paramedic – Jessica Patoine
FireFighter – Chris Howe

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  • Erin Stashko

    I just want to say, ‘Thank You’ to the First Responders in our community who so selflessly offer up services to help others. It is a true calling that takes a special heart of compassion, kindness, and nurturing. First Responders always work well together as ‘family’ – but you should know, there are many who also support you. Your career is a tough one, fraught with every emotion and feeling imaginable – and unimaginable! Thank you for caring so much about others. Please take good care of yourself.

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